June 21, 2005

Japan's whaling ambitions harpooned

Conservation nations claimed an emphatic victory over Japan's
whaling ambitions last night when its proposal for a resumption
of commercial whaling was soundly beaten.
- Sydney Morning Hereald
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June 15, 2005

Four Corners Power Plant emissions among worst in U.S.

FRUITLAND, N.M. - The Four Corners Power Plant sits isolated
in a sparsely populated area south of here, its around-the-clock
operation producing enough electricity for 300,000 homes in
Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.
- The Durango Hearld
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Red meat link to bowel cancer confirmed

Eating too much red meat may increase the risk of developing
bowel cancer, while eating more fish may help prevent it, a
major new study suggests.
- CBS News
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June 12, 2005

Biodiesel, Made From Soybeans, Is Catching On

CARL'S CORNER, Texas — The corn grows tall for miles around
this truck stop, 80 miles south of Dallas, but it's another crop,
soybeans, that has engines revving in these parts.
- Los Angeles Times
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May 28, 2004

-Demonstration of boat noise Saturday -

Orca Relief Citizens Alliance (ORCA) believes killer whales are
adversely affected by the noise from whale watching boats.
- The San Juan Islander
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-Almond recall continues to expand amid reports of food-poisoning -

WASHINGTON - A nationwide recall on raw almonds expanded Thursday as companies sought the return of almonds sold around the country through mail orders, in bulk and in smaller packages because they may be contaminated.
- The Mercury News
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-Cancer survivor still going strong -

She went through the same thing as five-time Tour de France
champion Lance Armstrong.
- The Durango Herald
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-Austria enacts strict animal rights law -

VIENNA -- Hens will be free to run around barnyards, lions and
tigers will vanish from circus acts, and Dobermans will sport what
nature intended -- floppy ears and longer tails -- under a tough
animal rights law adopted yesterday in Austria.
- The Boston Globe
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-Tanker spills 1,000 gallons of mag chloride -

An estimated 1,000 gallons of magnesium chloride used to
control dust on local dirt roads spilled alongside Highway 82
Wednesday morning when a tanker overturned.
- The Aspen Times
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-Woody Ridge thinning project faces appeals -

Five environmental groups launched two separate appeals
Thursday against a forest restoration project slated southwest of Flagstaff.
- Arizona Daily Sun
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April 14, 2004

-Most Endangered Rivers of 2004 announced -

(Washington, D.C.) America's rivers and streams are becoming
more polluted -- and the White House and Congress are making
a bad situation worse by cutting clean water law enforcement
and spending on pollution prevention, charged American Rivers
with the release of its 2004 Most Endangered Rivers report.
-American Rivers:: Restore. Protect. Enjoy.
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BOISE – After more than two years of work, volunteer members
of the Owyhee Initiative announced a ground-breaking proposal
today to protect wilderness, to ensure the economic viability of
ranching families and to tackle land management issues throughout
Owyhee County.
-Owyhee Initiative
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March 29, 2004

-Ghost Town -

Take a ride with Elena, a very brave and adventurous biker from Russia who chronicles
her rides through Chernobyl with a photo essay on her website.

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March 28, 2004

-Obituary for DANDY, 1969 -2004 -

Dandy, beloved and faithful steed of Darcie Nielsen for
over 30 years, died March 5, 2004 on San Juan Island.
-San Juan Islander
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-Growth in California stresses Pacific Ocean -

SACRAMENTO (AP) - A decades-long explosion of
coastal development combined with California's rapid
population growth is significantly stressing a Pacific Ocean
that absorbs sewage, chemicals, oil runoff and a host of
other destructive impacts, members of the Pew Oceans
Commission told state lawmakers today.
-The Mercury News
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-City cuts landmark deal with developer -

Delays are largely inevitable in the process of building anything,
particularly a large subdivision, on the Coastside.
-Half Moon Bay Review
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-Student scientist stumbles across catnip as bug repellent -

PORT CHARLOTTE -- Cassie Wagner hates the smell of
bug repellent, almost as much as the mosquitoes themselves,
but that's not why she invented her own.
-Daytona News-Journal
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-Buying into biodiesel -

Picture this: Farmers in the San Luis Valley - one of the
poorest parts of Colorado - grow soy that is converted to
an alternative fuel that powers the snowplows that clear
Durango's streets of winter snow.
-Durango Herald

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March 12, 2004

-Feds ban commercial swordfish fishing in Pacific to save turtles -

SAN FRANCISCO - The federal government banned commercial
fishing for swordfish in a large swath of the Pacific Ocean in order
to protect endangered sea turtles that were being killed or injured
by the hooks.
-The Mercury News
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-State slows down attempt to stop ‘high-level’ waste at WIPP -

CARLSBAD — The state announced Thursday it has slowed
down its attempt to stop waste currently labeled “high-level”
from coming to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant.
-Carlsbad Current-Argus
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One by one the fish hit the water, and slide to the ocean floor,
dead. The 400 pounds of cod Nieuwkerk's crew dump that day
would have earned them $600, at least, at the next day's
Portland fish auction. Yet days spent fighting wind and waves
often end this way, with the New England fisherman's most
despised ritual.
-Boston Globe
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